Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cigar review: CAO Fuma Em Corda

Ink, what a wonderful thing. I never dreamed I would have tattoos but after my daughter got hers we both got hooked on ink. I recently visited my artist for new ink and luckily he is a cigar smoker and doesn't mind if you smoke while he works. I took with me an interesting cigar to enjoy and that being the CAO Fuma Em Corda. Unique in appearance with its crossed twisted band and sporting a nice chocolate brown wrapper. Once the cigar was prepped I sat down for ink. As the artist readied his equipment I torched this charming cigar up and was greeted with rawhide leather and spice and a hint of dried fruit. Shortly in, the rawhide leather and spice smoothed into a nice rounded combination with the dried fruit which reminds me of apricots wrapping slightly the afore flavors. Occasional flares of toffee could be noticed which was surprising and pleasing.
As he started to apply the outlines of my new tattoo I am still amazed at the variety of styles people choose. Those that just pick anything because its ink confuse me because there is no rhyme or reason to the art they where. I am one of many who are very selective on ink, with each new tat I get, its something that has meaning in my life. What is it?, I'll tell you latter. 
As the cigar moves onto the second third the outlines of the new tat are nearing completion. At this point the cigar is providing a torrent of flavors that invade the senses with illuminating flavors. The leather is richer in flavor combining with the spice mix in a superb manner. The dried fruit is now joined by more hints of the toffee and a nice addition of cocoa bean joins in but every so mildy. The smoke is plentiful and thick filling the room with a wonderful aroma.
He begins with the colors, using a new ink that is bold and vibrant. I'm amazed at how bright they are. We continue to talk about cigars and I give him an extra CAO as the one i'm enjoying. I continue to watch the ink being applied and the artistry used to turn bare skin into a piece of art. Thin outlines become rich in colors and the image takes on its life.
As he begins to finish his color the cigar moves into the final third. The flavors of the second third become even more rich and tantalizing. Towards the close the leather picks up as the toffee and dried fruit combine nicely. The final draw gives a thick smoke coating the tongue with luscious leather, spice, cocoa bean and very mild sweetness.
This is a excellent cigar and very enjoyable and medium bodied to me. Absolutely a must try. Check out you local shop and pick some up and see what flavors you receive.

Peace and Smoke

Oh, the tattoo? Saved By Grace

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Good article, it makes me want to give this cigar a try.