Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cigar review: Las Calaveras 2017

I live in the country and at times I love to go for a drive out deeper along small less traveled roads where the modern world does not exist. Recently I was doing just that on an old gravel road and saw off to one side a very old abandoned home. Grass and weeds had taken the yard but you could still walk through it. The house itself had fallen into disrepair and had never seen paint. I parked my truck in what at one time was the front yard and looked at what at one time was a home for someone. I brought with me today to smoke a Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2017. Gorgeous cigar with great oils in the dark earthy brown wrapper. The pre light draw gives oak and dark coffee with a hint of spice. Torching up I cant help but smile as I receive a grand mix of spice and dark coffee with touches fennel in the background. Shortly the coffee become deep roasted in flavor with the spice which is reminiscent of Tangerine Dream peppers. As it progresses, hint of sweet smoky wood appear like oak and nougat.
I stepped out of my truck and walked around. Even after many years you can see signs of what life was here. Off to one side I found and old plow, the handle almost gone and the blade rusting away. Near a tree I found what was left of a old Model T fender, barely recognizable in the weeds. I tested the porch and steps and walked up, who ever built it took their time and made it strong. You could see the old sawmill marks on all the wood. 
As I continued to look around the cigar was moving into the second third, with dark coffee and warm spice combining with mild nougat blending in harmonious waves of flavor being tempted by hints of dark chocolate and cream. Still the presence of the Tangerine Dream pepper flavor in the warm spice sets off the other flavors and give the smoke an enchanting mix.
Walking around inside the old house you could see the manner of living. An old wood stove for cooking, well used and blanket hooks in the ceiling. The kitchen table looks handmade as most everything appears to be which tells that although they were not wealthy the had more pride than many. These were farmers and hard workers and from the looks of things several children at one point.
I walked back to my truck and sat for a few minutes as the cigar entered the final third giving much the same enticing mix of flavors that envelope the oral and sinus factors. The coffee becomes more enhanced as the spice and sweetness exchange dominance continually. At the close the slight sweetness becomes more of a peanut brittle affair with bold dark black coffee and hints of rich earth and the fennel which had back off reappearing along with the fine smoky wood. Absolutely a fascinating cigar. 
Driving away, I wondered if people today still have that staunch hard core determination that this family did, and thinking of times gone by.
If you haven't tried this cigar yet your missing out, differently get a few.

Smoke and Peace

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