Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cigar Co.: Sosa Cigars

Sosa Cigars

All great cigar companies started small and Sosa is no exception and to be honest, starting small leads to great companies who care about their products.
Don Juan Sosa started as a small tobacco grower in Cuba in the Taquasco region around the turn of the century. Constantly growing, he became just one of the largest producers of tobacco in the early 20's. Family runs deep in the cigar industry and its the same with Sosa. Over the years the Sosa family has continued making cigars starting in Cuba, then Miami and the Dominican Republic as well. 
Tradition still continues today with operations in Miami, Florida Nelda, Juans wife, and their two sons Arby and Juan and others in the family. Sosa has a line up up fantastic cigars with superb flavor and quality. Check your local cigar shop and ask for Sosa and taste the tradition.
Just a few of the great cigars by Sosa:

Sosa Classic
Sosa Super Selection
Sosa Underground
60 by Sosa
Sosa Limitado Stout
Sosa Auric Perfectum
Sosa Family Selection

Try a few and see the flavor you receive from these excellent hand rolled cigars

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