Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cigar review: Clints Cigars

I have found a great cigar I enjoy when I do not have time for a long smoke and that is Clints Cigars. If you haven't heard of them they are a small cone tapered shaped cigar that is all Dominican with a rugged look as the name implies. You wont need your cutter, these little gems are ready to light from the bag. 
The pre light give aromas of slight vanilla and rum, lightly sweet with that familiar aged tobacco aroma. Lighting up, the light sweetness shows in the smoke and flavor, with mild spice and hints of rum wrapped in slight vanilla, very aromatic.
Here's the thing, I cant stand flavored cigar no matter how they are made, but these are not a typical dipped, sprayed, soaked or coated flavored cigar. The flavor are mild letting the great tobacco flavor shine through and enriching the taste. The flavor does not fail and is plentiful throughout the short smoke. If you haven't tried these little gems ask your local cigar shop or go to www.clintscigars.com and try them. They are absolutely a great short smoke.

Peace and Smoke,

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