Thursday, October 5, 2017

Cigar review: Crowned Heads Angel's Anvil 2017

Recently, a friend had came over for a visit and while he was here we talked about family. He told me that twenty miles from his home, way in the woods, the land owner was cutting old timber and discovered an old cabin. After research was done, it was discovered that the cabin had been built in 1826 and was deserted sometime after 1920. I asked had he seen the cabin and he said yes and I should go. Being available yesterday, I drove and hour to the location and walked around a mile into the woods. The land owner had cleared around the cabin so it was easy to approach. I brought with me a Crowned Heads Angel's Anvil 2017 to enjoy as I investigated.
The cigar construction is spot on, well rolled and great in the hand. The pre lit aroma tantalizes the senses with fresh earth and hints of sweet biscuit dough, with a touch of a spice blend. Leaning against a pine tree, I torched the medium toned cigar and was served a smooth and delicate mix of earth and a slight smoked pepper spice. Working into the first third, the richness of the blend is evident with earth that reminds one of fresh turned fields mixed with the spice as mentioned twisting its way through the rows. In this mix was a very wonderful surprise. When I was young and into young adulthood, a family member made a black strap molasses cookie with ground roasted pecans in it, giving a cookie that was nutty and a unique mild sweetness. That is what the flavor brought to my mind as it twirled and intertwined with the other flavors. stunningly delicious.
As I was enjoy the beginnings of the cigar, I walked up to the cabin. The original part was there built of logs and at some point an addition was built much latter using milled lumber and wood siding as many early farm houses. The original part was around 18'x18' and it drew my interest. In the ceiling, four hooks could be seen where they would hang a frame to make blankets. On one wall, the fire place, or what was let of it, sat with the iron rod that they would swing out to put a cook pot on. 
As I walked around the cabin, you could see the care taken to make sure the new addition fit snug to the log cabin, the work so well done with tools of the time.
I walked into the yard as the cigar moved into the second third with succulent flavors of the molasses cookie as mentioned blending and mixing together with the earth. The palate and senses being induced with aroma and taste that cause me to plan on another when this one is done. Further into the second third, what appears as but a hint in one draw begins to build and shows a delightful addition of wood that reminds me of camp fires built with heart pine and oak. The smoking experience in this cigar is pure pleasure to the oral factors.
In the yard you could see bits of things that showed life and life lived. What was left of a barn had long ago collapsed but the trail to and from the house was clear.
walking back to the cabin, I found two old wood chair in what would have been the kitchen. I put one one the porch and sat down as the cigar moved into the final third.
The molasses cookie remained but now was moving back, allowing more of the campfire wood and earth to match each other. The spice mix ramped up just a little coating the others in an even more pleasing fashion. The final draw from the cigar gave more succulent spice entwined in the wood and earth. Angel's Anvil 2017 is an amazing well blended and abundantly flavor filled cigar to smoke time and again.
As I stepped down off the porch to leave, I stopped for a moment, and I reached in my shirt pocket and pulled out a cigar and placed it in the chair. My way of saying thanks for letting me look around.
Find Angel's Anvil and try it. You may find you’ll want to pick up a handful.

Peace and Smoke,

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