Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cigar review: Crowned Heads La Imperiosa

Deer season will be here before long and its rare I get to go anymore but this year will be an exception. A friend recently purchased a nice tract of land which is wooded and from all accounts well populated with game. He asked if I would go there and check out the existing ground stands and blinds as well as see how the area looked for hunting. After a two hour drive I pulled off a side road at his property and parked. It is well posted on all four sides and about 40 acres in size. Since its not hunting season I brought, of coarse, a cigar to enjoy for the scouting.  Today is a La Imperiosa from Crowned Heads. Dark and rich Habano Oscuro wrapper screaming flavor, with a pre lit aroma of succulent dark chocolate, smoky wood and spice. Once lit, the cigar give abundant smoke, thick and rich, coating the oral factors in flavors of chocolate, wood and mild leather. The spice reminds me of fresh ground black pepper with a hint of cayenne flavor, making this a great start. Into the first third, the chocolate becomes deeper, darker in flavor with the wood blending in magnificent union. The spice coats these flavors in an smooth manner giving full advantage to the immense flavors being produced. Towards the end of the first third, the wood moved back allowing the addition of roasted pecans to appear. My father used to roast them in the oven and the flavor reminds me of it distinctly. 
I proceeded to walk into the woods, along a small trail that leads to all the blinds. Who ever owned it before spent much time on the trails, using a small tractor to smooth the ground and to keep it cut. I came to the first blind and upon checking it, found it well built and sturdy. Small windows were made on either side to allow for shooting and the inside lined with board insulation. Someone spent a lot of money on the blinds. Sitting on the chair, the view was clear an unobstructed, seeing clear to the open areas where game feeds and wanders. 
Leaving the first blind as my cigar moved into the second third, I passed game trails that gave evidence that they are used often. The cigars flavor are pouring from it at each draw. The chocolate is now a deep cocoa with still the succulent spice blending in. the leather is richer working in unison with the roasted pecans. Mid way, a mild sweetness started showing clearly being a light molasses flavor. An astonishing blend giving a constant roller coaster ride of enormous flavors that illuminate the complexity of the cigar. 
Checking other blinds, I found each to be similar in design and well built and thought out. the last blind must have been for the previous owner as it was larger and around ten feet off the ground, built between two trees. Stairs lead to the door which had a four foot square landing in front. The inside appeared to be ten feet by 8 feet and very spacious. On one side was a heater specifically made for deer stands as well as a storage cabinet. A bunk was in one corner which means this was more than likely a weekend spot. I placed a chair on the landing and sat to enjoy the peace and sounds as my cigar moved into the last third.
 The leather had increased as had the now high content cocoa. The wood had vanished being replaced by a dark loamish earthiness. The mild sweetness and roasted pecans remained as did the spice which now ramped up slightly. The smoke remains abundant, thick and buttery smooth. The final draw gave an increase in the leather and spice but still showed the other flavor factors. La Imperiosa is one excellent cigar and if you enjoy full flavor do not miss out smoking it, get a hand full or more and see what you taste.

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