Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cigar review: Felipe Gregorio Oriana Maduro

With a little time on my hands today I decided to drive to a small creek I used to go to when I was young. I do this often at many places because in the fast paced day in which we live, I think we need to slow down every once in a while to focus.
I parked my truck and with canteen and day pack headed through the woods. Its not far and the walk is peaceful with very little undergrowth and trees standing beautiful and tall. I found my favorite spot by the creek, a grassy spot by a small sand bar with the creek flowing in front of me. I brought of course a cigar with me and today it was a Felipe Gregorio Oriana Maduro.
The cigar is a deep rich brown with just a touch of an oily sheen, the aroma reeks of wood and dark earth with that wonderful smell of well aged tobacco. Cap and construction are very well done and I almost hate lo light it due to enjoying the pre lit aroma.Once cut and torched, I was immediately greeted with a luscious flavor of spice, wood and earth. After moving into the first third, the spice was more of a red pepper variety but not overbearing but just the right amount to please the palate, the wood was a smoky rich flavor and the earth reminded me of a dark loam. Before long a welcomed addition started to appear, that being of roasted coffee beans with the wood moving into the background. Absolutely wonderful beginning. 
As I enjoyed my cigar I began to relax and enjoy the peace and stillness. There is nothing like the sound of water in a creek as it gurgles along. An occasional bird would fly by and you can hear their chatter and song in the trees.
As I watched the birds fly by I was moving into the second third of the cigar. The roasted coffee bean had moved ahead joining in unison with the earth and the red pepper wrapped them nicely. The wood moved further back as a mild sweetness began to show. Moving further into the second third, the very mild sweetness, much like sweet sassafras, became more evident. The flavors are rich and morph from one to another in a pleasing ride of smoke. 
I took my boots off and stepped into creek, walking down it a ways. I stood and watched small minnows swim about in the shallows as a frog croaked at one side. An old tree had fallen at some point and what was left hung over the water close enough that it touched it. I sat on this old log with my feet in the cool stream looking at nature as the cigar moved into the final third.
The flavor as in the second third were still working wonderfully with the pepper and slight sweetness rounding all out perfectly. The earth began to move back and slowly being replaced by hints of leather. The final draw of the cigar gave a tad more leather which balanced amazingly with the flavors produced.
If you have not tried Felipe Gregorio Cigars do yourself a favor and pick some up, see what flavors you get and enjoy.

Peace and Smoke,

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Ohhh Yeah....!!!
My favorite
Felipe Gregorio´s really
knows how to make great cigars.

Excellent Review...!!!