Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cigar review: La Gloria Cubana Colección Reserva

The other day I spent the afternoon going through old photos and things I collect. After being into cigars for over thirty years, one thing I collect is cigars, old cigar, some no longer around. I have a type of glass tube I use and once the cigar is sealed in it, it can never be opened. I have one of the first real cigars I ever smoked so long ago as well as cigars from through the years that are rare or no longer made from several countries. Also a file of old antique photos from all over the country that I have acquired. I find things not at antique shows but in road side places, you never know what is lurking in a box. Digging through I found a lighter that I purchased in New Orleans some twenty years ago and haven’t looked at it in years. As I searched through things I picked out a great cigar for the time, a La Gloria Cubana Colección Reserva. I love classic things and this fit’s the bill perfectly in looks and flavor. Reminds me of cigars from years past. From the band to the wrapper it has the look of a classic made cigar. Very small veins can be seen in its medium brown wrapper and the pre light gives you a grand plethora of aromas from very fertile earth and fresh baled hay to hints of spice. Once cut I set my torch to work on this gem.
The cigar at the start gives a wonderful burst of pepper, think black and red mix, with a healthy dose of the fertile earth. Shortly in, a slight of sweetness somewhat like maple begins to show combining with the baled hay. The wonderful aroma of aged tobacco starts to fill the room making the enjoyment even more enticing. During the first third, the rustic flavor that reminds me of cigars from years ago danced on the palate, as the blend showed its combinations and switches.
I picked up the old lighter again, its was silver and made around 1910. I was in New Orleans visiting family and saw where a family was selling an old antebellum home due to moving. It had been in their family for generations and the were selling off the contents. One of the things I purchased was this lighter, and after asking about it was told that there great grandfather brought it with him from France when he moved here in 1926. It surprised me they wanted to sell it but luck was with me. 
As I gazed at the worn but intricate design work carved into the metal, the cigar was moving well into the second third and showing how grand it is. The fertile earth and slight maple were in perfect balance as the fresh baled hay and spice blend cascaded around them. A touch of rawhide began to show which is a very pleasing addition. The entire smoke is smooth and easy.
Looking at this lighter I could not help but wonder about life in his time, what e smoked with this lighter and how his life changed coming here.
Putting the lighter back in its case I sat back to ponder, what will people think in twenty or thirty years about the way we live today, will there be people who collect everyday things we take for granted now.
Getting up to walk outside the cigar moved to the final third. The intensity of flavors were increasing as the flavor through out the cigar remained but continued changing places in pronouncement. The rawhide became darker like well worn leather the maple and spice both interlaced for a fine combination. The final draw gave a tad more dark leather and spice.
If you like a true traditional yet new twist, try the La Gloria Cubana Colección Reserva and see what you think. 

Peace and Smoke,

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