Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cigar review: Pelo De Oro from Felipe Gregorio

I am a died in the wool KISS fanatic and have listened and enjoyed their music since 74 and to this day I still enjoy the old music best. Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter put on shows that not only gave great music but an outstanding performance as well. Getting my favorite beverage and a Felipe Gregorio Pelo De Oro to enjoy, I went to my man cave and pulled out the old albums. 
The Pelo De Oro is a sweet looking cigar, silky smooth and an evenly toned wrapper. Pre light aromas of roasted nuts and earth combined with a hint of sweetness. Once cut and torched, the roasted nuts, think cashew, showed through with light roasted coffee beans and only a hint of spice. Soon into the first third, the nuts and light coffee beans mixed in sublime combination as the earth coated each. That hint of sweetness became slightly more profound and it is much akin to old fashioned tea cake in flavor. Marvelous combination and the aroma of the smoke is very pleasing.
As I enjoyed the cigar I put KISS’s first album on, simply titled “KISS” and set the needle to work. 
The raw sounds of “Deuce” filled the room and you could here the exuberance they played with. “100,000 Years cranked up with lead guitar and bass notes pounding the speakers.
The next album and still a favorite I placed on the turn table was KISS Alive, the very first one. 
As the cigar moved into the second third, “She” was blaring through the speaker and the excitement could loudly be heard. The flavor of the roasted cashews continued to mix well with the coffee with was now a medium roast affair, with the earth now moving slight forward to mix in unison with the other flavors. The tea cake sweetness remained light and mid way touches of wood began to show. The draw was even and not loose at all. The spice still came through slightly and reminds me of ground banana pepper, not overly hot.
The music continues with songs such as “Black Diamond”, “Strutter” and “Cold Gin”. I change albums to different years and letting the years roll away.
The cigar moves into the final third with the same flavors as the second, but the switch up continues in flavor pronouncement giving a pleasant array to enjoy. Moving to the close, hints of leather are introduced giving a nice balance mixed the nuts, coffee and wood, plus the sweetness at this point disappeared with the spice moving forward.
The Felipe Gregorio Pelo De Oro is a fine smoke and very enjoyable but as always, pick a few up and see what flavors you receive.

Peace and Smoke,

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