Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Just My Opinion #1

We as a country suffered a horrible tragedy in Las Vegas because a demented mind. Countless American heroes took action that day to help who they could and as we shed tears for the wounded and loss we should also be thankful to everyone who helped.
Now then, let put politics aside for a moment and talk facts. It is unfortunate that each time there is a tragedy in our country, the first thing some call for is gun control, these are people who mostly know nothing about guns, some of them have armed body guards, some follow an agenda and some think it is proper. 
I think it is a shame to use tragedy to push your agenda and play on the emotions of the public and even more a tragedy that some of the comments that those who support gun control have uttered.
In cities around our country, Chicago for example, that has some of the strictest gun laws on the books, shootings and homicide are higher than in places without extreme gun laws. 
And some have called the NRA and its members names I can not print along with murderers. 
One TV host spent time lambasting gun owners and the NRA but its ok that his body guards carry guns. I can name example after example of some of the most hateful comments by those who claim to be the compassionate party against people who own guns while at the same time dutifully ignore facts that go against their agenda. It has gotten to the point of ridiculousness in our society.
If we don’t agree with them, then we are hated. Pure and simple. By the way, it never ceases to amaze me just how vile their hatred can be against those who disagree with their agenda and how fast they will vilify anyone who does. So much for you compassionate party.
There are no criminals who will obey gun laws and the only people they affect are law abiding citizens. And don’t be fooled by those who say it will curtail crime, the vast majority of guns used by criminals were not purchased legally. 
It is the right of every legal citizen, to the chagrin of the left, to own and legally purchase guns after a background check. And by the way, countless people in our country have protected themselves from a criminal because they were armed. 
Lets use logic and common sense for a change in our great country. Instead of more gun laws, how about harder laws on the criminals? Let that sink in….

Peace and Smoke,

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