Friday, October 13, 2017

Just My Opinion #3

I do not write food articles but about what I think. But in this case I’ll make an exception. I rarely eat fast food but today I was traveling and was hunger so I pulled into a very well know place who has one of the largest world wide chains. I ordered their crispy chicken tenders and a coke then pulled in line, of which I was three cars from the window. I watched as the car at the window received their order, checked it, then handed it back due to it being wrong. No big deal, this happens everywhere. BUT, ten minutes later they hand them their order again and AGAIN it was wrong. They asked him to pull up. I had my window down now so I could hear all. The next car pulled up and they handed the lady a iced coffee and a small bag. Nice choice except this car had five people in it and again this order was wrong. After 25 minutes in line I made it to the window. The person at the window asked if my order was a burger and fries, I replied no. then they asked if it was two burgers and four fries, again I said no. finally they asked what I ordered and when I told them, she said to the person next to her and I quote, “I told you that was not they order when they drove out”. End of quote. Do not be surprised but I was asked to pull ahead and wait. Twice two different people came out to ask what I had ordered and after 35 minutes I finally received my order. As bad as the service was and make no mistake I shall never return to that one, I was hungry so I tried the food. I am from the country and have cooked chicken my whole life. Chicken should taste like chicken and the meat should be tender with very little resistance. This chicken was very over cooked to the point I wondered if it was cross bread with an old rubber tire and although over cooked it was moist, but wait, the moisture was grease. The tenders were so saturated with grease I could have whipped my hands on the bearings of my wheel hubs and been good for 5000 miles. As to the flavor of the meat, there was none which explains why the put so many packets of buffalo dipping sauce in the bag, in hope there would be some flavor to taste.  If there is a bright spot to this catastrophe at all is that I shall never have to wait in line there again if you catch my meaning. I’ll get a breakfast muffin some where else….  

Peace and Smoke,

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