Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cigar review: Perdomo Factory Tour Blend Maduro

There is a place in south Mississippi known as Red Bluff, a place where at some point the earth gave way revealing all the colors that it is made up of. I remember when I was young they would have to move the road back every few years that ran across the top because erosion would bring the bluff to close. I drove there today as it has been some time since I have seen it. it’s a long drive and off the main roads, down in the country. I pass old farms and homes built years ago as I get closer. The road that used to run across the top I find has been closed and had to detour, and from where I parked it was but a short walk. Leaving my truck, I walked along a path that takes you to the left of the bluff and ends on a small out cropping that is straight down if you look over, which I never do, and gives you full view of the bluff on the right and the vast view of the country side on the left. I sat down on the edge and leaned on a small pine tree, letting my legs hang over the edge. The bluff is around 150 feet deep and so many colors, the sheer beauty is awe inspiring. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a cigar to enjoy during my time there.
My cigar of choice for the trip is a Perdomo Factory Tour Blend Maduro. The wrapper on this cigar is beautiful, smooth and very few veins and a light oily sheen. The band itself is quit gorgeous and elaborate. The pre light aromas mild coffee and cocoa powder are evident so I sat back and torched this gem up. The beginning gave a burst of spice much like fresh ground pepper but right behind that came cocoa powder and what reminds me fresh topsoil, earth that has just been cultivated, all this with a hint of raisin in the background made the beginning very enjoyable. The draw was perfect and clouds of cigar smoke drifted in the gentle breeze as each puff gave immense flavor, with a little increase further into the first third.
Looking to the left, you can see practically into the next county as the horizon fades at the skyline. Here and there you can see ponds and a creek. The air is fresh and reviving and makes the aroma of my cigar even more pronounced. Looking to the left, all colors of orange, red and yellow can be seen in the bluff and in some areas just a hint of gray and blue thin lines show. Layers of earth from creation long ago, one on top another, long hidden from sight until the earth opened. 
As I move into the second third, the cocoa powder becomes richer in flavor with hints of chicory coffee coming in. The earth was still present but had moved back, and the raisin still present working in unison with the spice gave a succulent combination of tastes. A mild sweetness much like nougat but darker crept in, causing the senses to enlighten to the complexity of the blend. The smoke is very smooth and velvety coating the tongue. Further into the second third, dark smoky wood could be noticed edging its way into the cavalcade of flavors.
As I sat enjoying this amazing cigar, I wondered about the past. This bluff is very old and it must have been a sight to early settlers and American Indians that lived here. This bluff has intrigued many, some who come to climb up or down it. Those who come to hike the many long trails around it, and those like myself who just come to site and enjoy. 
As thoughts of history and the view linger in my thoughts the cigar was moving into the final third. The flavors had increased more, with the cocoa and coffee along with the smoky wood twist and turn in pronouncement, the spice and dark mild sweetness wrapping them as a blanket upon each draw, the smoke filling the senses with a rush of euphoria and relaxation of the body from the magnificent flavors. The final draw gave a burst of more spice with a touch of leather.
The Perdomo Factory Tour Blend Maduro is a cigar not to be missed. Pick up a few and try them, see what flavors they give you.

Peace and Smoke,

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