Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Four Kicks Maduro

I haven't written in some time due to simply taking time away. But its time to do what I enjoy and the first cigar up for review is the new Four Kicks Maduro from Crowned Heads. The original Four Kicks is a favorite of mine and I cant count the boxes I have smoked so when I heard of the Maduro version I jumped at it. The cigar is beautiful, with a nice dark wrapper leaf, not overly oily but a nice sheen to it. Construction is spot on and the pre light aroma gives cocoa powder and dark rich earth. I punch cut this cigar and prepped the foot for lighting. The drink of the day is southern sweet tea, the kind that is so dark that sun light is scared to go through it.
I walked outside where I have a nice chair sitting under an oak tree and sat down with the cigar and drink. It’s a beautiful day here, warm but not to hot with a clear sky. It’s the weekend and those who live by us are out and about, some cooking out others  relaxing. Typical southern day.
I torched the cigar and drew deep receiving a mouthful of luscious thick smoke. The cigar opens with a succulent spice mix with that afore mentioned cocoa powder flavor with hints of cedar. Further in, the richness of the tobacco shines as the spice smooths out and the cocoa powder and now smoky wood intertwine to create a lavish network 
of sensations for the palette. The smoke soon takes on a nice creaminess and a hint of, albeit very slight, of a sweetness I cant put my finger on.
As I sit and enjoy this cigar I'm thinking about living in the south and the sweet culture and lifestyle that we share. "Yes Ma'am and no Ma'am, yes sir and no sir" better be in your vocabulary your entire life and if your local store doesn’t sell grits the owner needs to move back north.
As I move into the second third of the cigar, the cocoa powder becomes more of a higher content cocoa and is joined by a deep French roast coffee affair. The smoky wood continues and the entire mix is wrapped delicately in that succulent spice mix giving each draw a roller coaster ride of flavor mixes that enchant the palate and illuminate the senses. That sweetness mentioned before continues to blossom though here and there but each time a tad more pronounced and it reminds me of the flavor of old fashioned molasses cookies but here again, its very slight.
I think everyone born in the south is born knowing how to hunt, fish, make cornbread and know at least two people that know how to make moonshine. And if you ever had chocolate, lemon or custard pie in the south I bet it had two to three inches of meringue on top.
Moving into the final third all the flavors of the cigar continue in their cavalcade of combinations with the spice becoming a little more peppery and the coffee moving ahead of the dark cocoa. Through out the cigar the flavors show the greatness of the blend and give the smoker consistent flavors with an undercurrent of smoky wood. The finish is perfect and leaves one with a smooth creamy smoke.
If you enjoy Four Kicks then this is a must try. But as always, light one up and see what flavors you get because after all, we are all different.

Peace and Smoke

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