Friday, August 30, 2019

Cigar Review: La Coalicion

Let me say at the start that this is not a long review because some cigars just do not need a lot of words. They stand on their own merit.

An aunt of mine years ago had a German coo coo clock that I thought was amazing. I used to spend a week there every summer and was fascinated with the art work on the clock. Years later, the clock is now in my hands. Unfortunately it has seen some bad time in storage and was very dirty and the wood needed cleaning. I had a day to myself so it was time to bring the magnificent old clock to life. I set it on my work bench and laid out everything I would need. Before getting started, I went to the humi and pulled out a cigar which is a collaboration of Crowned Heads and Drew Estate called La Coalicion. Absolutely magnificent cigar. The pre light draw gave a wonderful aroma of aged tobacco and mild spice. The torch went to work and the smoke gave a grand entrance of flavor as mild spice, hints of clay earth and buttery smooth texture. The aroma and flavor brought to mind smoking a cigar at a grand floral garden in New Orleans. I leaned back in my chair entranced by the start of this cigar. As the first third continues in, light notes of powdered chocolate crept in. Succulent flavors twisting and turning as the stems of lilies in the breeze.

Completely enjoying this cigar, I began working on the clock.I began with brushes to remove as much dust and particle debris as I could from the small carved crevices in the wood carving, then starting with a stiffer small brush to remove buildup on the wood. As I continued to work, the cigar thundered in an elegant manner from the first third into the second with the showing of a slight appearance of sweetness that reminds me much of that mix of flavor you get in a maple covered King Cake, but only in hints for now. This very mild sweetness seemed to cavort with the powdered chocolate and spice as the clay earth moved into the background being replaced by what reminds me of pecan wood. The oral sensation this cigar was creating is phenomenal as further along the spice and sweetness were absolutely combined in a mix inseparable as an undercurrent of wood and spice wrapped them as a gift. Each note, each hint, each flavor combined in perfection with the other, neither overtaking the other but instead working in symphony together.

Smoking along, I had cleaned the wood and was finishing the inside works of the clock which needed cleaning and oiling with a very thin but lubricating oil. After reassembly, I began the task of oiling and polishing the fine wood. As I did, you could once again begin to see the beauty this very old clock has. The grain of the wood began to shine and when done I hung it on the wall, set the time and pulled the chain. It was as if the clock had never stopped, as it worked beautifully. As I sat admiring it and remembering some old times, we moved into the final third.

The thought of that grand garden returned as the earth lessened and the chocolate powder became more of a dark cocoa with the spice a touch bolder. The excellence of the blend has shown through from beginning to end with this cigar. In the last puffs, touches of bolder spice, that, along with the combination given, made this cigar amazing.

The La Coalicion is and outstanding cigar that should absolutely be tried.   

Smoke and Peace,


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