Friday, March 6, 2020

Cigar Review: Southern Draw Firethorn

These days I write when I have time and unfortunately, there is never enough. But certain cigars will cause me to stop and write when I am impressed by them. One such cigar is Firethorn from Southern Draw. The construction is wonderful with a even leaf color and few veins. Once cut, the prelight draw gave hints of aged tobacco and earth with a touch of wood. Once the torch went to work, the first few draws gave a nice hit of pepper with roasted nuts. Shortly after the start, the pepper remained zesty but not overbearing with the roasted nuts coming through more mixing with a slight sweetness that reminded me of caramel you find in some candy bars but just enough to show. The richness of the tobaccos shown through perfectly in the flavors. Deep into the first third, a hint of smoky wood began to show.

I took this cigar and walked out side under the carport, a time to relax and unwind which is rare. I love old blues, BB King and more, so I turned on the tuns and let them play as I prepped my grill to set it up for smoking.

As the wood and coal were being set in the fire box, the Firethorn was showing its colors. The deep pepper spices that wrapped around the flavors so well that in each draws they blended smoothly. The roasted nuts was much akin to deep roasted pecans and the slight caramel sweetness still touched each puff. The smoke in the second third was thick and velvety, and the wood that had begun to show now gave its flavor in a smooth undertone under the rest. This cigar does not stop in amount of flavor, giving a wall of a splendid combination.

Thoroughly enjoying this cigar I fired up the grill and began to set it up for the next few hours.  Roast as well as a brisket where prepared and waiting for just the right time.

I poured a nice beverage and turned the music up as the final third moved in. The flavors were more pronounced, changed in place, with hints of raisins coming in put not to a point of interference but enough that it made for a very enticing smoke. The last puffs of this wonderful cigar gave that great spice with a touch more wood. The Firethorn is a win, and one fine cigar. Do not miss this one.

Peace and Smoke,


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