Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Cigar Review: Jacobs Ladder

 The south has had many movies, stories, jokes and some ill thoughts about it for years, but to be honest I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. The people, food, tradition and ways are different than anywhere else and down here we take it to heart. Recently I went to a “Gathering”, something I haven’t done in years. I was invited by a family friend to their place and was told to, “Meet us down in the back.” What that means is not at the house but down way back in the field near the creek. So that afternoon I took beverages and cigars and headed out. When I arrived at his farm the gate was open and you could see several sets of fresh tracks so I followed them to the gathering. Several pickup trucks, of course, where there as well as a couple tractors, and it was clear that a bonfire has been stacked for later. I noticed several coolers and three grills had been readied so I knew this was going to be a very late night. After walking around greeting people I sat with some old friends with a beverage while others where starting grills. The good nature, conversation and smell of the grills where setting in and this was shaping up right.

I pulled a Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder from the travel humi to enjoy. Great looking cigar, with its Broadleaf wrapper nice and dark. Once cut I set torch to work and the cigar lit wonderfully. Upon lighting I was greeted with dark roast coffee like I had in New Orleans for years. With that, a fine mix of cocoa, smoky oak and cayenne spice. This cigar is a mouthwatering treat. Further in, the spice moved back a touch as the wood, cocoa and coffee danced in unison. Excellent.
Someone was cooking steaks as another was cooking ribs, the smells were inviting and here, no matter who you are, you could help yourself to anything. The music began to play and four wheelers were headed to the creek as others sat in lawn chairs or tailgates just enjoying the afternoon. This is country living, where people gather to unwind and enjoy outdoors. Jokes old and new as well as tall tails were being told, as well as good natured ribbing to friends.
The cigar was now well into the second third as the oak and cayenne works in complete perfection and the coffee became more of a dark coffee and chicory affair. The richness of the blend is very clear and very well done. Into the final third the wow factor increased as did the strength. The smoke is thick and bountiful, smooth as velvet. As the cigar came to a close it never lets up on flavor showing its complexity with each puff. Look for these and pick up a few and see what flavors greet you, they are very well done.

Peace and Smoke,

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