Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Cigar Review: Mil Dias from Crowned Heads

Where to start with this review, so many thoughts spinning in the recesses of the mind. I've been in cigars for around 35 years and started writing about cigars many years ago. I created which ran for years and got larger than I intended for it to in many ways. After closing the site I started this one with the intent of it being only a hobby. But these days time is in short supply so writing is a luxury that is not often available.

My time of writing, I feel, is done for several reasons. First and foremost is time constraints, and when it comes to writing about cigars, there are so many people writing reviews now that it hardly seems useful. 

I decided to write this review all because of the pleasure and amazement i received from a particular cigar, the Mil Dias from Crowned Heads. I had a day off recently and was home alone with rare time to do absolutely anything I wanted do. I pulled out a photo album I have neglected, having printed many photographs but have yet to put them in. I am a Blues fanatic so I put on some B.B. King and Muddy Waters and picked up a cigar to enjoy during the task at hand. Right from the start there were things about Mil Dias that grabbed my attention. Let me state here that if you think a cigar is a cigar is a cigar, then you do not fully appreciate the craft. Cigars are an art form, a lifestyle, they are history, they are family traditions. This cigar caught my eye the first time I picked it up. the wrapper is perfectly crafted in a silky creamer and coffee brown wrapper. The color is even with no spots, and construction is flawless. The feel of the cigar tells the tail of how wonderfully it is made as its touch is the same from foot to cap. Once cut, the cold draw made me blink as it gave hints of smooth cream, light wood and raw walnuts. 

Once torched the first draws set a cigar enthusiasts mind turning, flavors of wood and spice came through but not in a blatant punch like is the custom of some cigars, but they came through easily, dancing on the palate, inciting ones memory, lighting up the oral factors of taste. 

I opened the album and started going though photos. this one had several about my daughter who just turned 27. It seems like yesterday that she was 7. Photos of gymnastics, dance class and cheer leading through the years making my mind and heart smile and I am incredibly proud of her.

As I start going through photos, the cigar is progressing in the first third. A wonderful mild but definite spice was showing perfectly, not over bearing just a delightful amount. A flow of simi sweet creaminess began wrapping around a core of slightly smokey wood. But in the first third of this cigar something else was taking place. Flavors I haven't noticed in combinations were emerging, tastes of perfectly aged and crafted tobaccos that brought thoughts of cigars from thirty years ago to the forefront. This is a new cigar but at the same time reaches back to a more refined time. A velvety smoke filled with touches of wood and spice, creaminess and an effortless draw were spinning there way across the senses.

Going through more photos, I ran across some from the last time KISS came to New Orleans for their End Of The Road Tour. My daughter knows I am a big fan and surprised me with tickets. On the day of the show, daddy and daughter loaded up and headed south, she wouldn't even allow me to drive. We laughed and did some sight seeing along the way and stopped at a seafood place before going to the show and as loud as we were laughing and cutting up its a wonder we were not asked to leave.

Looking at more shots the cigar was moving into the second third. The smoky wood was still present but so much more was taking place. the smoke is creamy smooth, A mild sweetness much akin to brittle was showing as fresh turned earth was flowing around the mix. The flavors are more than a mere description can offer as this cigar indicates a class of cigar that is rare these days. It is not just another cigar but reminds me of cigars that define the art.

We arrived at the show and found our seats. As the show began my daughter was blown away at KISS as they powered through the first two songs with a light show that would put any group to shame. Watching her reaction to the theatrics of God Of Thunder as well as others was a sheer thrill. We both sang together as everyone joined in on two of the songs. 

I changed the music to playing to KISS and got tickled at some of the photos showing reactions and clowning we were doing. As Rock And Roll All Night began to play the cigar was entering the final third. The flavors of the second third were constant and flowing like a non stop river of delight. The flavors were a touch more bolder but not overbearing in the least. No bitterness, no bite, no harshness, only delectable and enormous taste in constant and immeasurable abundance. The cigar finished with a final puff of succulent perfection.

Mil Dias is a phenomenal cigar in every aspect. New yet draws you to a time of classics in cigars. I have had a favorite cigar for years, one I have smoked more boxes of than I would ever count, but Mil Dias has replaced it. 

The concert we went to had nothing to do with music, it was time together. No matter how busy you may get, do not ever neglect taking time to make cherished memories with those you love. 

And when it comes to cigars try a handful of Mil Dias and see if it transports you to an experience of cigar excellence.

Now that this review is finished, I would like to say how much I sincerely enjoyed writing for all those years and I thank all of you for reading.

Old Smokey, GCPuffs and Gatornations thanks you.

Now for the last time,

Peace and Smoke,


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