Thursday, October 15, 2020

Just My Opinion

 Cut, light, puff and enjoy. Simple words that open up a world of possibilities to the cigar smoker including our freedom to do so. Fine hand rolled cigars is a business for some, a hobby for others, but for all an item of sheer pleasure. We cigar smokers come in various shapes and sizes, languages, occupations and life styles, be they male or female. Nevertheless, no matter who the are or what their status is in life, the one thing each shares is a passion for fine hand rolled cigars.

What is a cigar after all but leaves that have been cured and rolled into a cylinder shape and consumed? However, they are so much more. Expert blenders, rollers, artists, etc. that work in unison to create a master piece of art work that delivers to the cigar lover a never ending combination of wrappers, binders and fillers to give blends that deliver the pleasure that each seeks. To sit and clip a cigar, letting the torch touch the foot of a prime blend causing the smoky essence trapped within to flow from its captivity, drawn through the cigar then engulfing the palate. The flavors of the cigar with its smoky transformation bringing to the receiver true relaxation and the joy the seek. A fascinating thing about cigar smokers, we can be strangers but when cigars are lit or talk of them commence, it is an instantaneous icebreaker making friendly conversations, laughter and even causing friendships to be created.
Its true cigar smokers, writers, companies and retailers are somewhat of a community, somewhat of a family. It’s odd how the outside world misunderstands our passion or enjoyment. Today we have politicians and certain groups who in there misguided thought patterns and not so hidden agendas, try to take away the things we enjoy. What they seem not able to understand is that unlike cigarettes, cigars are not a habit but our pleasure, not our addiction but our satisfaction. The problem is, and do not be fooled by their comments, they do understand they just do not care. They care not about what you want as long as their agenda gets fulfilled. What they actually seek is to regulate and take away the thing we enjoy. Different attempts are always made but our freedom to enjoy fine cigars still exists.
It’s wonderful to have an object that people from so many different walks can sit and enjoy together. It does not matter if you a seasoned smoker or someone new to the world of cigars, we are all equal when it comes to the pleasure. What a variety we have that we can choose from, all manner of blends and shapes, from those who like the very mild to those who tackle the heavy hitters of strength. It really does not matter how strong a cigar you smoke, mild or strong, all are equal. There are many of us who write about the thing that we so enjoy, we talk of a plethora of different flavors, tones and notes. Words written of the good and bad points of different cigar, some we like and some not. Should someone read cigar reviews? Yes of course, a cigar smoker should read anything they can. Should someone let a review make his or her decision on to buy or not to buy a cigar? Absolutely not. We all like different things, try it and make up your own mind.
The next time you walk into a B&M, one where you can smoke at, select a great stick, sit back and be glad that you are still free to do so.


Peace and Smoke,

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